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 Dolle revolves around the mysterious J. Dolle, a toymaker who makes wonderful and unique toys, and his factory which is home to living life size dolls -- Doll House.


 Maurice is the unfortunate eighteen year old who sneaks into Doll House to swipe a doll for his sister; since the doll she wants has never been released into the public of their town Midas; the home of J.Dolle's factory. He unfortunately gets caught by J.Dolle himself; who in actuality is a young youth who dresses like a girl, rather than the old man the media show him as. To punish Maurice for attempted stealing, he makes the boy his delivery boy, sending him out to deliver his toys to strange and odd customers. He becomes friends with the dolls in the factory, and learns they are much more than talking and animated life size toys.

 Little does Maurice know his employeer, who calls himself Jouet instead of J.Dolle, has dark secrets, and has dectectives and even the government on his case. Apparently, something vile lives in the basement of the factory...

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