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The main players



The main players

Name: Jouet Dolle

  Age: Unknown, appears 14 or so

  Height / Weight: 5'4'', 122 lbs

   Likes: Toys, Dolls, The Opera, playing piano, fashion, exotic foods

Dislikes: Snoopers, the government, talks of family, law in general, his special 'talent'

    Jouet, or J. Dolle as he's better known as, is the owner of the factory Doll House, and the line of toys under his name. His toys became very popular when he first introduced his company seven years ago, but has recently shut down the factory, leaving his toys still on the market as 'priceless collector items'. Though the media believes him to be an old man, he is in fact a young teen who has a habit of dressing in drag. He created the living dolls that stay with him in the factory, and also is in ownership of a suspicious book. His actions behind the scenes of his business has both the american and french government on him as well. He's definitely fruity, but also a dangerous person, due to what his delivery boy believes is bi-polar issues. There seems to be something vile he keeps in the factory's basement. He appears to be quite taken with Maurice, but as to why, no one can really say.

Random Fact: Jouet owns a stuffed panda doll that seems to have a mind of its own...


Name: Maurice Price

Age: 18

Height/Weight: 5'8'', 167 lbs

Likes: Movies, comic books, being lazy, junk food, music, canned soda

Dislikes: The errands Jouet puts him to, being called a dog, creepy and scary stuff

   Maurice is the unfortunate kid who made the mistake of breaking into Doll House, Jouet's factory, to steal a priceless doll for his little sister for her birthday. He gets caught by Jouet, and is given the choice of being turned in to the police, or to work as Jouet's errandboy until he's of no other use. He problably wishes he would've gone to jail now. He's a down to earth kind of guy, who is easilly freaked out by things he doesn't quite understand. But underneath all that lies a very considerate individual, someone who gives good advice without even really knowing it. His mother owns the local toyshop in the town Midas, where he lives with her, his little sister Sara, and soon their mom's third child. He's got no clue why Jouet is even bothering with him, but he's noticed that Jouet seems to be very interested in his family goings-on...

Random Fact: Maurice wants to be a movie director when he's done college.


Name: Sara Price

Age: 11

Height/Weight: 4'10'', 86 lbs

Likes: Dolls, dressing up, stuffed animals, ice cream, ramen noodles, tea parties

Dislikes: When toys break, crying, getting into fights with her friends, spicy food

    Sara is Maurice's little sister, a bubbly, somewhat oblivious little girl who has become a regular visitor to the factory. She has become friends with the dolls in the factory, and is almost always there everyday. Since she only has one or two friends, she loves the time she gets to have playing there. Jouet has allowed her the right to visit whenever she pleases, and seems to be completely unawares that the toymaker lavishes affection on her just to get an reaction out of Maurice. She spends most of the time with Grief, who is usually confined to watching the basement floors. Sara has also taken into caring for Jouet's stuffed panda that tends to follow her wherever she goes in the factory. Jouet has taken an odd liking to the Price children...though neither of them are sure as to why.

Random Fact: Sara never did get that baby doll for her birthday. :|



Name: Roger Valentine

Age: 27

Height/Weight: 6'1'', 189 lbs

Likes: Coffee, rainy afternoons, long walks, drama t.v shows, jazz

Dislikes: Being stuck in a rut, news reporters, getting yelled by his boss

   Roger is a detective in Cain City, not too far away from Midas town. He has been investigating J.Dolle and the rumors of people who have wound up dead whenever trying to find out about the mysterious factory, and the toymaker. He's been following the clues since he's had his job, and he believes J.Dolle holds clues about his childhood friend's dissapearance ten years ago. Roger is a kind, and determined man who will do anything to reach his goals. He is engaged to his Boss's daughter, Marie, but it seems his mind is more occupied on work than any hopes of starting a real family...

Random Fact: Roger was originally named Shell, after a character in the Wicked Cycle.


Name: Lagos

Age: ??

Height/Weight: 5'9, ??

Likes: ??

Dislikes: ??

  Lagos is a mysterious figure who's been popping up in Midas around the factory. He seems to be waiting for something to happen, and seems to know Jouet.


The Dolls


Name: Damien

Age: 8

Likes: Seems to like watching television and making sure Jouet is happy

Dislikes: Almost nothing

  Damien's got a calm and pleasant sort of personality, always ready to assist his Master Jouet with anything he might need. He is one of the dolls which Jouet falls back on constantly. He doesn't seem to mind it. Though, Damien tends to be fixated on the human world. He and Alphonse are the only dolls which know everything about Jouet.


Name: Alphonse

Age: 8

Likes: Relaxation, reading, order

Dislikes: When the dolls don't listen, Jouet's hissy fits

  Alphonse was created along with Damien, he serves as the 'brains' of the operation. All the paperwork and bank balancing of the factory is done by Alphonse. He is also the face that the media has come to know as 'J.Dolle', last time the toymaker was on the news, which was probably four or five years ago.


Name: Vaulte

Age: 6

Likes: Trying on new clothes, pointy shoes, stripes, needles

Dislikes: Cien, long pants, being wrong

  Vaulte is a moody doll whom is at constant war with Cien. He is a dressform doll for Jouet, when Jouet and Athen make new clothes for the toymaker. He's a bit spoiled, and holds himself as if he was royalty. He never backs down from an arguement, almost never anyway. He was originally created by shmeg. <3


Name: Cien

Age: 7

Likes: Croquet mallets, long novels, dark humor

Dislikes: Vaulte, the letter 'V', having to take things seriously

  Cien is a King Pierrot doll, who loves creeping out Maurice and anyone else any chance he can. He constantly bickers with Vaulte, and rarely listens to any authority. He has a special purpose that only he and Jouet are aware of, which may have something to do with his stitched eyes and tattoed hands. To everyone else, he's just there to get a good laugh or two. He was originally created by junko. <3


Name: Athen

Age: 7 1/2

Likes: Perfection, Jouet's hair and clothing, Damien, Sara, Maurice, picking on Alphonse

Dislikes: An angry Jouet, mismatching colors

  Athen is a bit of a mother hen, he is usually the one looking after the dolls when Jouet or Alphonse aren't around. He is level headed, but can be easilly thrown into a panic if things don't go his way. He is responisble for getting Jouet ready every morning. He holds rather strong affection for Damien, but he's doubt the other has noticed... He was originally created by [.Lunare.] <3


Name: Grief

Age: 7

Likes: Sara, Shakespear, skulls, crosses, generally anything that looks or is dead

Dislikes: Bright colors, Being disturbed when resting, Disturbance in general

  Grief was made for one specific purpose; to guard the doors which lead to the Factory's basement floors. Only Jouet and Grief seem to know what lies beyond the doors...whatever it is, only Jouet is allowed to pass through. He speaks in an Old Shakespearian tongue, and seems to recite poetry everytime he speaks. He becomes quite fond of Sara, who visits him in his lonely station. He was originally created by Sasha <3


Name: Judette

Age: 5

Likes: Flashy dresses, music, dancing

Dislikes: Not a lot, really

  Judette is the twin of Marion, a vibrant and kind Doll who is always with a dance in her step. She and Marion act as somewhat bodyguards to Jouet, and usually guard the Sky Room while Jouet and Maurice are away. She was originally created by Anasha <3


Name: Marion

Age: 5

Likes: Quiet, reading, watching silent movies

Dislikes: Loud noises

  Marion is the twin of Judette, a silent, watchful Doll who is never seen without Judette. He and Judette act as somewhat bodyguards to Jouet, and usually guard the Sky Room while Jouet and Maurice are away. He was originally created by Anasha <3


The Customers


Name: Count Valeriu

Appearance: Chapter Three

 The Count is a Vampire in a remote town, far in the depths of Romania. He contracted Jouet to build a music box for his charge, Grendel. He had been hunted by a Vampire Hunter, until Jouet took care of him. He cares for Grendel deeply, and only hopes the orphan will see that.




Name: Grendel

Appearance: Chapter Three

  Grendel is the orphan the Count adopted when he was given as a sacrifice from the town. He says he hates Valeriu, but that's only because he wants to still fit into the town, who fear and hate the Count. He tries to strike a deal with the Hunter, but realizes that the Count would love him more than the town that forsaken him.




Name: Riablo Sevelii

Appearance: Chapter Five

 Riablo is a shape-shifter who has been under the guise of a nun named Sonya, in a small church in Russia. He seems to be an acquaintance of Jouet, a bit of a rocky one. He appears to be quite fond of Maurice. He was originally created by Macrea <3

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