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 That's right kids! An faq for Dolle seems to be in order. So I will try my best to answer any questions you throw. Or if I can't, the characters gladly will 8D Roleplay, anyone?


1.) How exactly are the dolls made? Do they have wires, or gears?

  The dolls are pretty much hollow, save for gears that allow body movements, and facial expressions.

2.) Do they feel?

  The Dolls can feel emotions, but they cannot feel pain or sick or somesuch like normal people can.

3.) How old is Jouet, and does he use the souls of the people he kills for his dolls?

 Jouet's real age will eventually be revealed later on. And as for the souls, you'll find that out soon. <3

4.) What are the scars on Jouet's waist?

 Self inflicted scars. You'll find out why he made them really soon.

5.) How does Cien see?

 Can't tell you yet....but I'll give you a hint - hands.

6.) Who is the best friend that Roger is looking for?

 It's someone you've already seen, I'll give you that much. xD

 7.) Where did you get inspiration for the comic?

It's pretty much the brain baby of watching too much Petshop of Horrors, Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory, and listening to Coin Operated Boy by the Dresden Dolls.

8.) Do the doors travel to different time periods?

The doors in the sky room only go to different places in the world, many of which no one has heard or been to. x0

9.) Will you hold another Create - a - Doll contest?

Probably not. :c sorry guys. Dolle's already half way done, I don't see a point in holding another contest.

10.) Trash, do you speak french?

Unnnfortunately, no. Jouet is french, but you're gonna have to bear with me if he actually starts talkin' it. < o <  ...I'd love someone to translate for me tho <3

11.) What program do you use? Would you make a tutorial?

I use photoshop cs3, though earlier pages were done in ps7, and in between it was open canvas 1.1. I might make a tutorial, if anyone really wants me to. o _ o

12.)Why is Jouet even bothering with Maurice anyway?

There is a reason why Jouet's bothering with Maurice, though it's not because of him, personally. You'll find out later. xD

And of course, questions for the characters~ You sillyheads.


Maurice, why aren't you naked?! And when!? Will Damien get nakid?

 Maurice: ...Wait, what? Why would I have to be naked!?

Jouet, how can I too achieve such volume in my hair? Where do you shop? Any recommendations for aspiring sociopaths?

Jouet: Well, I do use a lot of body full shampoo, that and conditioner. I get my hair products from all over the world, I couldn't tell you where. And as for aspiring sociopaths...just do what feels right. <3 :]

Vaulte, Where can I get some oversized pins? Are you not UV protected?

 Vaulte: ....What are these idiotic questions? Go ask some cutter emo child where you can get pins..and UV radiation is a myth.

Athen, why are you so adorable?

Athen: You...think I'm adorable? ; w ;

Jouet, we love you. will you please gather your lovely Harem of dolls around you in a sexy pic <3?
if not, then, what got you into making dolls? With your skills I'm sure you could be so much more than just a toy maker, so, why toys?
Also, are the dolls you sell alive too? Do they haunt the people like the pets in Petshop of horrors? Do they possess people?

Jouet: I know darling, I am quite lovable. Oh my, so many questions. I think a sexy-er- family picture would be lovely. My family has always been in the toy business, so I suppose the love of doing such passed to me. Well....no, most of the toys I sell aren't like the ones who live in my factory. I'd have to charge a lot more.

Jouet, is that your real appearance? Also, will you give Maurice a cute outfit to work in?

Jouet: Ah...that's a secret. And that sounds like a marvelous idea! Hmmm...<3

Maurice, why didn't you look on e-bay if you were so desperate to get a J Dolle Doll ?

Maurice: Well, cause they'd probably charge a insane amount of money, money I don't have...I thought stealing one would be, uh...cheaper?

 Sara, why follow your brother when you could ask where he goes?

Sara: Because he never tells me anything. >: (

Dolls, do you see Jouet as a father, or a godly figure? Would you want the Price kids to stay...forever?!

Athen: I would say father...since we don't worship him like a god...but he is the one who made us, so we pay respect.

Cien: ...But wouldn't he be our mom? Since, y'know, he dresses like a woman anyway?

Alphonse: Children get things broken and dirty...they can visit, but certainly they can't stay forever.


Got questions concerning Dolle? Or have a question for the characters? ;0 pm me or simply check the main news to see how you can get them answered~

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