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ยป News Archives - FAQ maybe?

June 1st, 2007, 6:50 pm

FAQ maybe?

I have noticed people do have q's about Jouet, the dolls, and Dolle in general. 0: if you guys have questions, post them here for me so I can make a nice lil faq~


mjolnir, June 7th, 2007, 8:07 pm

Oh oh oh~! *waves her hands in the air*

When is Maurice gonna get nekkid? ; D

mjolnir, June 7th, 2007, 8:12 pm

And on that note, when is Damien gonna get nekkid too?

junko, June 8th, 2007, 3:42 am

On Jouet...
How can I too achieve such volume with my hair?

Where do you shop?

Any recommendations for aspiring sociopaths?

junko, June 8th, 2007, 3:44 am

On Maurice...
When are you going to get naked?

Why are you not naked now?

Who will you get naked with?

junko, June 8th, 2007, 3:45 am

On Cien...
No questions, just eat your veggies, bitch.

junko, June 8th, 2007, 3:46 am

On Vaulte...
Where can I get some oversized pins of my very own?

I notice you have freckles. Does that mean you are not UV protected?

junko, June 8th, 2007, 3:47 am

On the Nutcrackers...

junko, June 8th, 2007, 3:47 am

On Athen...
Why are you so adorable? D:

mjolnir, June 8th, 2007, 3:11 pm


junko you read my mind

Digital Spirit X (Guest), June 13th, 2007, 4:18 pm

Do the dolls have anything in them like gears or are they just hollow except for wires joints and filler?

Digital Spirit X (Guest), June 13th, 2007, 4:19 pm

How old is Jouet and does he use the souls of the people he kills for his dolls?

Sassyfrass, June 14th, 2007, 4:29 pm

What are those scars on Jouet's waist from...?

, June 28th, 2007, 12:57 am

When will Alphonse become naked? D: <333

lol no , j/k xD

Can Cien see, or does he use some form of sonar or sumthin?

Is Roger's long lost best friend now a doll? D:

Cus that'd be sweet.. <3

Sassyfrass, September 26th, 2007, 11:14 am

Why does Jouet need Maurice, anyways? He's got all those magic dolls and super doors! Is Jouet going to kill him? O.O

Aussie, November 28th, 2007, 10:51 pm

What exactly are the dolls? Are they a form of magic? Or just animatron's with some sort of vocal device?

Much Love,

Kira-kun, December 25th, 2007, 6:31 pm

For Maurice: Why...No. How is your hair naturally orange?

For Trash: Are you ever going to have another Create-a-Doll contest?

sweet_sakura_kiss (Guest), November 30th, 2008, 12:55 am

do the doors go 2 different places around the world n different time period Trash~ tu parler du francais do u speak french

Princess of Donutland, March 23rd, 2009, 11:31 pm

FAQ time
yes yes
I have plenty~
well first
where did you get the inspiration for this comic <3
its wonderful <3
if it hasn't been asked, what program do you use?
Ever considered making a tutorial?

we love you @ u @
will you please gather your lovely Harem of dolls around you in a sexy pic <3?
if not, then, what got you into making dolls? With your skills I'm sure you could be so much more than just a toy maker, so, why toys?
Also, are the dolls you sell alive too? Do they haunt the people like the pets in Petshop of horrors? Do they possess people?

also, is that your real appearance?
can you give Maurice a cute outfit to wear to work? (if you don't I will >.> )

lol, so many questions, sorry XD

:: cough :: I mean, why did you look on e-bay if you were so desperate to get a J Dolle Doll o-O? E-bay dude! You got off easy considering~
also will you ever wear a cute uniform to work? plz? if not nakedtimeyes?

why follow your brother when you could ask where he goes?

to the dolls~
is Jouet like your father, or like your god? Is he fun to live with? And would you want Maurice and Sarah to stay...forever O_O?

that is all
for now >w>

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